Day Ticket Fishing

Created in the early 1980’s, water from the main River Test was diverted through various water meadows and woods to form this fishery. This holds the appeal of fishing the famous River Test on a man-made fishery. Cottage Stream beat is a true carrier of the River Test.

Individuals or groups can book fishing days and feel totally secluded and at one with nature. Deer, Kingfishers, Red Kites and Buzzards are just a few examples of the wildlife that can be seen throughout the day. The season runs 1st May to 12th October, when fishing can be booked on any available day.

You can take a maximum of 2 brace of fish per person, all wild fish to be returned carefully.

The fishery is split into four beats; Cottage Stream, Garden Stream, Alder Stream and Woodland Stream. Most of the fishing is double bank, Cottage Stream is the only single bank fishing. A total of 2.17 miles of riverbank can be fished.

Availability & Booking

To ensure you have a unique and worthwhile experience, we limit the amount of visitors on any day. This means that 4 individual rods are a maximum on any day; this can be four individuals, 2 pairs, or a pair and 2 singles.

We also cater for exclusive day use of the fishery, where we allow a maximum group of 6 rods. Please select the option “Meadow Fishery Day Private Group Ticket” from the drop down menu if you would like an exclusive 6 Rod day.

Costs are £125 per Rod (including VAT) for every day of the season.

Please read our Meadow Fishery rules before attending.


Fishery Map

Ample Car park

Toilet on site (no running water)

Fishing Hut

Picnic Bench

BBQ Area

Riverside Benches

Flies can be purchased from the Riverkeeper on the day (£1.50 each)

Picnic lunch menu (can be purchased as an additional service)

Rules and T&C’s

Please download our Terms & Conditions here

Please download our Meadow Fishery rules here

Gift Vouchers

Voucher Options:

Vouchers are available to purchase as gifts for Meadow Fishery. You can buy a gift certificate for one or more rods as well as a ghillie, if required.

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