For those last minute essentials and spares, or if you simply want to treat yourself to something new, we stock a choice range of top quality fly fishing gear and tackle from big names such as Hardy & Greys and Fishpond.

The following items, and more, can be purchased at Kimbridge Kit, located at the Kimbridge Estate Office.

Fly rods
A small selection of fly rods and fly rod kits, with varying line speeds and power for you to feel in control and comfortable in any fly fishing situation.

Fly reels and lines
Great choice of high performance fly reels and lines for freshwater use.

Dry flies
A distinctive collection of dry flies are available for purchase in special Kimbridge presentation packs.

Clothing and accessories
Superior quality fishing clothing, including jackets, vests, trousers, caps, fleeces, and eyewear.

Tackle bags and cases
Robust and waterproof fly fishing luggage and cases from Brady, Fishpond and Greys, including tackle bags, duffle bags, moulded reel cases, reel and gear bags, leader wallets and Kimbridge Trout bags.

Fly fishing accessories
All those essential tools and accessories like forceps, pliers, line clips, fly boxes, floatants/sinkants, gadgets and priests.