Kimbridge is renowned for its idyllic location. Set in the middle reaches of the Test Valley, it offers some of the very best chalk stream fly fishing on the world renowned River Test. The Estate currently offers 6 miles of fishable bank and is managed to a standard to maintain a purist fishery, adhering to upstream dry fly fishing.

Here at Kimbridge we are dedicated to assist and further enhance all aspects of wildlife from Water Voles to Barn Owls. Wetland areas and reed beds, now in place, have brought us the pleasure of Water Rail, Bitten and other species on a regular basis.

In the past few years we have carried out some extensive engineering works on one of the riverbanks. Following exhaustive consultation with various organisations including the Environment Agency and English Nature and in conjunction with the experience and knowledge of our local river contractor, we have been successful not only in improving the river flows, riverbeds and bank stability for our future generation, but also our Water Vole population. Indeed, the Water Vole has not only remained present throughout the seven-month works period, but one year later has seen increased numbers.

Fish quality has been a top priority on the Estate. Many options have been researched to optimise the Kimbridge standards — ultimately the decision has been reached to start our own Hatchery, now with our own brood stock. We can strip the best quality fish to give us as good a chance as is practicable to produce top quality fish.

We have a simple philosophy at Kimbridge — a great sporting estate should be a retreat where you can indulge your profound passion unhindered. A place where the values are predictably consistent. And where you experience quality at every turn.