A great sporting estate should be a retreat where you can indulge your profound passion unhindered. A place where the values are predictably consistent and you experience quality at every turn. This is our philosophy at Kimbridge.

Kimbridge on the Test is the distinctive vision of one man’s passion to bring unmatched country pleasures to like minded people.

When Clay Brendish acquired Kimbridge he felt he had gone to heaven while still alive. The reason is simple. He is passionate about fly fishing and Kimbridge offers the best chalk stream fly fishing in the UK.

He is equally passionate about having exceptional quality in everything he does. Hence, Kimbridge will continue to satisfy people who understand, recognise and expect the highest standards.

Kimbridge already has a clear identity deriving from its position on 7 miles of water on the glorious River Test, which winds through the estate amid grassy banks spanned occasionally by a rustic bridge­ – and it still drives a mill wheel. Now this identity is being gently revitalised to ensure quality in every aspect of the estate.

Most importantly, Kimbridge will continue to offer you unmatched fly fishing, plus the beguiling possibility of experiencing many of the world’s different fly fishing challenges in a single location.